Physical Reverse Flow

Physical Reverse Flow (PRF) guarantees shippers firm PRF transmission capacity from the UK to the Netherlands on an annual, seasonal, quarterly, daily, monthly or within day basis. PRF capacity is auctioned via the PRISMA platform as well as offered via the Implicit Allocation Mechanism (IAM) as of 18 July 2019.


  • Sold via auctions on the PRISMA platform and via Implicit Allocations (IAM) on Plexhub platform
  • Guaranteed firm capacity
  • Annual, seasonal, quarterly, monthly, daily and within day basis
  • Flows from UK to NL

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Become a BBL shipper

Registered shippers can book capacity via the PRISMA platform by following the procedure set out in our Booking Procedure and/or can book capacity via Implicit Allocations (IAM). Depending on the sales mechanism a variety of different capacity products is offered. Detailed information on the offered products and corresponding sales dates can be found on our website:


BBLC capacity products auctioned under CAM on the PRISMA platform and/or offered via IAM will have the same reserve tariff. Information on reverse flow tariffs can be found in the tariff section of our website.

Physical Reverse Flow Capacity

BBLC will offer 7GWh/h PRF capacity as firm capacity throughout the whole year. 

For available amounts see Available transmission capacity.

BBL Company invites new shippers to register. To ensure smooth and timely co-operation, interested parties should follow the procedure described on the Become a BBL shipper page.