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BBL Company - Transport gas from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

The 235-kilometer BBL pipeline connects the Dutch and UK gas markets in a safe, reliable and efficient way. Our transport services enable shippers to power UK homes and businesses and to commercially exploit the differences between UK and Dutch gas prices. We invite you to become a registered shipper. It enables you to trade and participate in auctions.

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Recent flow levels

Forward flow shows gas flowing from the Netherlands to the UK. Reverse flow shows the opposite. Physical flow is the difference between the two. The graph shows the most recent flow levels.

Current flow

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TTF & NBP prices trendline

TTF: source IceEndex: Dutch TTF Gas Base Load Futures (monthly)
NBP: source IceEndex: UK Natural Gas Futures (monthly)

Exploitation opportunities

TTF and NBP prices are different and constantly changing. Use our reliable services to turn these differences into value.



Forward Flow

Forward Flow (FF) guarantees capacity from the Netherlands to the UK on an annual, quarterly, monthly, daily or within day basis. Some capacity for this type of contract is currently available. More information


Interruptible Forward Flow

Interruptible Forward Flow (IFF) is capacity from the Netherlands to the UK that is only available when all Forward Flow capacity has been sold, but not all capacity has been nominated. IFF is not... More information


Interruptible Reverse Flow

Interruptible Reverse Flow (IRF) offers non-guaranteed capacity from the UK to the Netherlands. It is a virtual, administrative flow netted off from the physical forward flow from the Netherlands... More information

Current Buy Back Price: 1.203 €/MWh

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BBL Company offers shippers three services with which they can transport gas between the Netherlands and the UK. If you require any additional information or have questions about our services, please contact:

Latest news

Renewal of the physical reverse flow exemption

- On 20 September 2016 the Secretary of State of the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) issued BBL Company a further extension of the... More information

Reminder: Planned maintenance 2016

- BBL´s annual maintenance will take place from 29 August 2016 09:00 (LET) equivalent (07:00 UTC) until 1 September 2016 09:00 (LET) equivalent (07:00 UTC). There will... More information

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