Connecting Energy Markets

BBL Company - Transport gas between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

BBL Company operates BBL, a 235-kilometre gas pipeline with an hourly capacity of 20,600,000 Kwh/h between Balgzand in the Netherlands and Bacton in the United Kingdom. With gas flowing from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, BBL increases the UK’s supply security, strengthens the position of the Netherlands as a leading European gas player and supports the integration of the European gas market.
Since 18 July 2019 the BBL pipeline is operational prepared for transporting gas physically from the UK to the Netherlands with an hourly capacity of 7,000,000 kWh/h. With this additional service BBL further supports shippers to exploit differences between UK an Dutch gas prices in both directions.


Forward Flow

Forward Flow (FF) guarantees shippers firm FF transmission capacity from the Netherlands to the UK on an...

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Physical Reverse Flow

Physical Reverse Flow (PRF) guarantees shippers firm PRF transmission capacity from the UK to the...

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Implicit Allocations

Implicit Allocation Mechanism (IAM) is a method to sell unbundled transmission capacity which is combined...

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Current flow

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