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2019-07-16 22:05

BBLC finished the planned maintenance activities combined with physical reverse flow construction works and commissioning on 16 July 2019. As of gas day 17 July 2019 06:00 AM CET BBL forward flow capacity will be available again. Physical reverse flow products will be offered to the market as of 17 July 2019 (start date 18 July 2019).

Contact details for further information:           
- Account manager BBL during office hours at: +31 50 521 3194           
- BBL Dispatching Centre 24/7 at: +31 50 521 1510

Reason for unavailability - Planned maintenance activities combined with construction works and commissioning
Capacity type - Firm
Market participant(s) - BBL Company v.o.f. - 21X-NL-B-AoAo
Technical capacity - 20,6 GWH
Type of event - Transmission system unavailability
Affected asset - JULIA-GTS-NL-NL - 21Zoooooooooo87H
Message type - Gas

BBL Company - Transport gas from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

BBL Company operates BBL, a 235-kilometre gas pipeline with an hourly capacity of 20,600,000 Kwh/h between Balgzand in the Netherlands and Bacton in the United Kingdom. With gas flowing from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, BBL increases the UK’s supply security, strengthens the position of the Netherlands as a leading European gas player and supports the integration of the European gas market.


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