BBL Company offers shippers three services with which they can safely, reliably and efficiently transport gas between the Netherlands and the UK. All services are auctioned via standardized auction products at PRISMA. Forward Flow services offers transport capacity to the UK on the basis of contracts of varying length. Interruptible Forward Flow services offers capacity to the UK that is available when Forward Flow capacity has not been nominated. It has a maximum contract length of 12 months. Interruptible Reverse Flow services refers to virtual, non-guaranteed capacity from the UK to the Netherlands.


Forward Flow

Forward Flow (FF) guarantees capacity from the Netherlands to the UK on an annual, quarterly, monthly, daily or within day basis. Some capacity for this type of contract is currently available. More information


Interruptible Forward Flow

Interruptible Forward Flow (IFF) is capacity from the Netherlands to the UK that is only available when all Forward Flow capacity has been sold, but not all capacity has been nominated. IFF is not... More information


Interruptible Reverse Flow

Interruptible Reverse Flow (IRF) offers non-guaranteed capacity from the UK to the Netherlands. It is a virtual, administrative flow netted off from the physical forward flow from the Netherlands... More information

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