The BBL pipeline and facilities are an integral part of the Anna Paulowna and Bacton communities. We are grateful for their hospitality and will do our utmost to be a responsible and caring neighbour. We have an on-going and open dialogue with those around us, and are proud to sponsor community events in both Anna Paulowna and Bacton.

We also endeavour to minimise any nuisance from our operations at Anna Paulowna and Bacton. The Anna Paulowna compressor station is electric and the entire plant is driven by air tools. Gas venting for maintenance purposes is kept to a minimum and done at a low rate to minimise noise emission. Special lighting armatures and low lampposts minimise the amount of light radiating to the surrounding area. The station at Anna Paulowna is unmanned outside business hours, meaning there is only maintenance related traffic.

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Compressor station Anna Paulowna
Compressor station Anna Paulowna

Twice a year, BBL Company organises a walk-in session at the local pub for our neighbours, especially those who live along the Grasweg. During these evenings the activities at the compressor station are highlighted and neighbours can give feedback.

In Bacton the BBL Company participates in the New Year lunch, which is organized by the Bacton Gas Terminal operators. Residents of the neighbouring villages are invited and can discuss issues regarding operations at the Bacton Gas Terminal.

Gas terminal Bacton
Gas terminal Bacton


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