Tariffs Reverse Flow

Capacity tariffs: BBL Interruptible Reverse Flow (IRF)

BBL Company´s market- based methodology for its IRF service is served by means of a zero reserve price. This zero reserve price is applicable for all different types of IRF products: Unbundled Quarterly, Monthly and Daily products

BBL Company recovers all costs associated with the IRF services by means of a subscription fee. The subscription fee will be published on the BBLC website for each gas year and depends on BBLC´s estimation on required ongoing running costs. In case that total revenues for BBL Company resulting from the subscription fees will exceed the amount of recoverable costs shippers will be reimbursed. The amount of over- recovery will be divided proportionally among the subscribing shippers.

BBL IRF capacity is offered to the market at the following Reserve Prices:

Product Period BBLC tariff
Day-ahead ongoing € 0.000/kWh/h/d
Monthly ongoing € 0.000/kWh/h/m
Quarterly ongoing € 0.000/kWh/h/q
Subscription Fee (Auction year 2017/2018) € 15,000