Tariffs Forward Flow

Capacity tariffs: BBL Forward Flow (FF)

BBLC charging methodology applies to all available non- exempt capacity sold under BBL Company´s GT&Cs. The charges for all FF capacity products are derived from the following components:

RP = FF* MP* S where: FF = BP* I* CF* DF

RP = reserve price in €/kWh/h/product period
FF = fixed fee in €/kWh/h/product period
BP = base price in €/kWh/h/product period (2006 price level = € 6.868/kWh/h/year)
I = indexation factor
CF = competitive forces factor
DF = discount factor
MP = multiplier due to duration for non-yearly products
S = seasonality factor

The base price (BP) is what used to be the original fixed fee (€ 6.868/kWh/h/year). The base price is expressed at 2006 price level and subject to annual indexation per gas year.
The Index (I) will be set for each auction year. BBLC will publish the Index accounting for a whole calendar year at the end of each calendar year. 
The competitive forces factor (CF) enables BBLC to adjust the tariffs for each capacity product in order to reflect competitive market circumstances.
The discount factor (DF) allows for a discount to reserve prices of yearly capacity products in the future.
The multiplier (MP) allows calculating the tariff for a non- yearly capacity product.

The applied multipliers are:

  • Quarterly capacity product: 0.25
  • Monthly capacity product: 0.083
  • Daily capacity product: 0.0027
  • Within-day capacity product: 0.0027 (The within day tariff  depends on the time when product is bought and leads to a tariff proportionally dependent on the remaining hours of the day)

The multiplier due to duration as well as the seasonality factor are fixed factors in BBLC´s tariff formula.

BBL Company will publish the relevant reserve prices one month prior to the specific product´s auction date on this website.

BBL Company applies following reserve prices:

Product Period BBLC tariff
Day- ahead/ Within-day product July and August 2017 € 0.0189/kWh/h/d (entry+exit)
Monthly product July and August 2017 € 0.57458/kWh/h/m (entry+exit)


Published tariffs are based on: 2017
Base Price € 6.868/kWh/h/year
Indexation  1.1783
Multiplier due to duration (daily product) 0.00274
Multiplier due to duration (monthly product) 0.08333
Seasonality Factor 1
Competitive Pressure Factor 0.852
Discount Factor n.a.

Variable Costs BBL Forward Flow:

For BBL shippers any use of forward capacity results in a share of electricity costs used to power the electrically driven compressors at Anna Paulowna.  In addition, a small amount of fuel gas is consumed in the gas heaters in Bacton  and shippers are required to provide their share.

Each GTC shipper who purchases BBL capacity under CAM from the 1st of November 2015 shall pay a fixed commodity charge based on its actual use of its BBL capacity.

Since the commodity charge largely depends on future gas & electricity tariffs as well as actual BBL flows; BBL will have annual reviews to potentially adjust the applicable commodity charge.

At the end of each calendar year BBL Company will publish the new commodity charge, which applies for the following calendar year. This calculation is based on historical flow data, historical electricity and fuel gas use and the forecasted electricity and gas tariffs for the coming calendar year.

For the period 1st January - 31th December 2017 the Commodity Charge is 0.109 Euro/MWh, which covers Fuel Gas as well as Electricity costs and is charged as used.

Note: Because of the risk of design and equipment no right may be derived from these prices


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