Interruptible Reverse Flow

Interruptible Reverse Flow (IRF) offers non-guaranteed capacity from the UK to the Netherlands. It is a virtual, administrative flow netted off from the physical forward flow from the Netherlands to the UK, meaning it can only be allocated when Forward Flow capacity has been nominated.


  • Sold via auctions on the PRISMA platform
  • Virtual, administrative flow
  • Non-guaranteed capacity
  • Flows from UK to NL

The reserve prices for interruptible capacity products will have an ex-ante discount of 10% to the standard firm products conform NC TAR article 16. Since BBLC has no experience with selling interruptible capacity, it is not reasonable to estimate the probability of interruption based on historical flow data. Moreover, since BBLC is a merchant interconnector without baseload capacity, also expected flow data are not suitable to estimate the probability of interruption. BBLC expects a higher probability of interruption than 0% based on historical flow data. Therefore, the discount is set on 10%, until further notice.

Interruptible Reverse Flow is sold for a period of quarter, a month or a day. Further details are give in the IRF Auction Procedure, Exhibit C. To become a registered shipper, please refer to the Become a BBL shipper page.

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