Available transmission capacity

We offer different products of capacity in line with the CAM code on the PRISMA platform.

  • Forward Flow Capacity is still available. The Available Forward Flow Capacity overview (below) shows the amount.
  • Interruptible Forward Flow Capacity will be offered when Forward Flow Capacity is sold out.
  • Interruptible Reverse Flow is non-physical capacity from the UK to the Netherlands. This virtual capacity is sold on the PRISMA platform and the available capacity depends on the amount of sold Forward Flow capacity.

Available amounts in kWh/h per 18 December 2018

Period Total sold firm forward flow capacity Total available firm forward flow capacity
As of 01-12-2036 0 20,600,000
01-10-2033 until 01-12-2036 306,506 20,293,494
01-10-2031 until 01-10-2033 1,487,183 19,112,817
01-01-2027 until 01-10-2031 2,406,704 18,193,296
01-12-2022 until 01-01-2027 2,895,177 17,704,823
01-10-2022 until 01-12-2022 5,345,177 15,254,823
01-01-2022 until 01-10-2022 8,666,177 11,933,823
01-04-2019 until 01-01-2022 8,946,177 11,653,823
01-02-2019 until 01-04-2019 20,030,855 569,145
01-01-2019 until 01-02-2019 20,061,385 538,615
01-12-2018 until 01-01-2019 15,956,177 4,643,823

This overview is updated on a monthly basis. Be aware that during the running month available amounts can change due to sale of DA and/or WID capacity.
No rights can be derived from this overview.

When the BBL pipeline launched, its maximum technical capacity was 17,005,375 kWh/h. By installing a fourth compressor, this capacity has been increased to 20,600,000 kWh.


Auction dates are listed in the Auction Calendar and the exact amounts available are listed in this overview. The Sold and Available IRF Capacity document provides an overview of the capacity that has been sold between 2011 and now.

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