Throughout the year preventive and corrective maintenance is executed on the BBL Company system to assure safe and reliable operation. For a limited period each year, the system is completely shut down to allow for safety checks and maintenance work. The month in which this occurs is announced a year in advance, but the exact dates are announced on the website when we get closer to the actual shutdown.

Unexpected maintenance activities February 2019

15 February 2019 - BBL Company is currently carrying out some unexpected maintenance activities to one of its compressors at compressor station Anna Palowna. These activities are not expected to affect potential end of day gas deliveries based on nominations from BBL shippers.

BBL Company’s 2nd Quarter 2019 auction capacity

Due to foreseen works at BBL facilities as a preparation for BBL Company’s reverse flow service it is probable that shippers will be interrupted for a considerable period in Q2 2019. BBL Company will inform its shippers in more detail with regards to the start and end date of this period via this website in due course.

Planned maintenance 2019

BBL's annual maintenance will take place from Sunday 1 September 2019 to 30 September 2019. Further details about the exact duration and timing of the maintenance will be published on this website at a later stage.

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