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  Newsletter 15 September 2015  
Interoperability Changes BBL

The Third Package of European energy reforms created a new legal framework to improve the functioning of the internal energy market and resolve perceived structural problems. A number of improvement areas have been identified. In particular, insufficient integration between Member States’ markets, insufficient or unavailable cross-border transmission capacity and differing market designs. Subsequently, legally binding Network Codes have been established to address these issues. One of these is the EU Network Code on Interoperability. The consequential impact of this code is that some aspects in the current operational environment will change with effect from Gas Day 01 October 2015, subject to the final approval by the relevant NRA’s of the Interconnection Agreement between BBL Company and National Grid.

Four key changes that will come into effect as at Gas Day 01 October 2015 can be found in attached document ‘BBL Company Interoperability Code implementation’.

BBL Company will continue to update you on its implementation process by e-mail and via the special page on the BBL website for the EU Code consultation and implementation information.

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