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  Newsletter 1 November 2018  
Gas transportation in both directions expected to be ready three months earlier
  • BBL Company expects to make gas transportation possible through the BBL in both directions as of summer 2019, three months earlier than planned.
  • General Terms and Conditions consultation is expected to start within the next couple of months. The capacity will be auctioned via Prisma platform closer to the deadline.
  • Another step forward in connecting energy market areas TTF and NBP.

BBL Company expects the announced gas transportation in both directions to be ready three months earlier than planned, in the summer of 2019. Gas transportation in both directions through the BBL pipeline will further strengthen trade and security of supply between the two most liquid market areas in Europe (TTF and NBP).

Luuk Feenstra, managing director of BBL: “We expect a construction period during May and June 2019. This period will be confirmed when more detailed construction and commissioning planning is available. Capacity can be booked via auctions on the Prisma platform, closer to the deadline in 2019. We will soon start consulting the market about the General Terms and Conditions. Effects of the market integration so far are very positive. BBL registered shippers have tripled. More parties are nominating via GTS and BBL. On the associated gas-hubs there are higher gas-flows and more trading activities. The reverse flow project is the next step in strengthen trade and security of supply between TTF and NBP.”

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