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  Newsletter 25 October 2017  
Operational communication document to the integration of the transport systems of BBL Company and Gasunie Transport Services into the enlarged TTF market area

BBL Company (BBLC) and Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) intend to integrate the BBL interconnector into the TTF market area as of 1 January 2018. BBLC and GTS have adjusted their IT-systems to enable a joint entry/exit system in which they will continue to operate as independent TSOs.

The key points for the integration of the BBL pipeline into the TTF market area, such as the detailed operational processes and the go-live, are addressed via this operational communication document.

To accomplish a smooth introduction per 1 January 2018, it is important that shippers will have their IT-systems prepared, whereas it is strongly recommended to test the interface of all systems. It is expected that ACM will make its tariff decision in November, yet we advise all parties not to wait for this decision, but to already start implementing the IT-changes and test them.

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BBL Company and Gasunie Transport Services

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