Update technical problems compressor

After one of the three compressors was damaged due to a technical problem on 9th February 2009, BBL Company and the manufacturer of the compressor have worked together in order to restore full capacity as soon as possible, as well as to thoroughly investigate the root cause behind the technical problems.

BBL Company communicated in July 2009 that a new compressor had been arranged for. The installation and commissioning of this new compressor was completed by the end of July 2009. From that moment on this new compressor has been fully operational.

As BBL Company has communicated before, it has been decided to carry out a retrofit program for all compressors. This replacement program is being executed gradually and has started at the end of July 2009, immediately after the new compressor became operational. First the compressor with the most running hours was serviced. The retrofit program for this machine has been completed. On Monday 16th November this machine was installed at Anna Paulowna and the commissioning has started. The work is on schedule, which means that this compressor is expected to be operational in December 2009. At that moment all three compressors are available for transport again.

The remaining two compressors will be serviced separately at a later period in time, as of the summer of 2010.

In case of any new developments BBL Company will release more information on this website.