Update on IRF services: Effective use of IRF capacity getting closer

BBL Company just learned that National Grid has sent the Ancillary Agreement (which has been approved by Ofgem) necessary for the IRF service at the UK side to all its shippers and has informed them about the signing procedure.

BBL Company is glad that this prerequisite which is an obligation under the UK Network Code is in a concluding phase. It understands from the Bacton Agent Company Ltd that they are in close co-operation with shippers to develop the rules for an Exit Agent.

BBL Company is content with the progress made on the UK-side to make the effective use of the IRF service possible early 2011.

BBL Company offers IRF services since 1 October this year to the market by means of auctions, at a zero reserve price. Until now three shippers have signed up to the IRF service. In due time, the company names of shippers that contract the IRF service will be added to the shippers list on this website. Please click here to find all details on the auction procedure, which includes an annual subscription fee, and click here for an overview of sold and available IRF capacities.