Successful shipper meeting BBL Company V.O.F. on 18th June 2019

On 18 June 2019 BBLC organized a shipper meeting in Amsterdam. BBLC was pleased to welcome about thirty guests to the shipper meeting.

BBLC started by giving a project update on the status of the physical reverse flow construction works and the ongoing commissioning phase. Afterwards BBLC presented more detailed information on recent developments regarding its new services  Physical Reverse Flow (PRF) and Implicit Allocation Mechanism (IAM).

To make physical reverse flow possible, BBLC is going to debuffer the pipeline in the summer months which makes a physical flow from the UK to the continent possible. It was explained that BBLC has only installed compression capacity at the Dutch side of the pipeline, so the BBL cannot switch between forward and reverse based on compressor power. Because of this BBLC had to develop a commercial solution for particular situations when shippers nominate and BBL cannot physically flow the gas. This particular situation would require a switch of the physical flow direction on short notice, although technical possible is not favored. The solution that facilitates this situation was explained during the meeting and is in detail available in the operating manual*.

Regarding the new IAM service also BBLC’s IAM partner Cavendish Markets BV gave a presentation and insight in possibilities for offering products on PleXhub. A short online demonstration of the process on PleXhub completed the plenary sessions.

During the plenary session shippers used the possibility to ask questions regarding the new services. The shipper meeting was successfully finished with a social event, which gave everyone the opportunity to speak with each other.

If you require any additional information or have questions about this service, please contact: our commercial team via +31 (0)50 521 2150 or