Start of Prisma registration for BBL shippers

Starting on the 16th of September 2015 shippers can register on the PRISMA platform for purchasing and trading BBL Company transmission capacity at the interconnection points BBL Bacton and BBL Julianadorp. Please note - a prerequisite for registration on this platform is to acquire an Energy Identification Code (EIC) via ENTSOG.

To participate on the auctions for the interconnection points mentioned above or to become a shipper for BBL Company, we need the signed version of the Declaration of Acceptance 2015, a positive credit worthiness and a successful communication check. Further information on the documents valid from 1 November 2015 can be found on Consultations & Implementation Information.

The first BBL Company transmission capacity to be auctioned via the PRISMA platform will be on the 28th of October when the gas day of the 29th October 2015 will be offered via day ahead and within day auctions. Thereafter auctions at interconnection points will be held in line with the EU Network Code on CAM and the ENTSOG auction calendar. Further information about the PRISMA platform can be found on the website.