Maintenance Programme update X

BBLC finished the planned maintenance activities combined with physical reverse flow construction works and commissioning on 16 July 2019. As of today, gas day 17 July 2019 06:00 AM CET, BBL forward flow capacity is available again. 

Physical reverse flow products will be offered to the market as of today 17 July 2019 (start date 18 July 2019), with all applicable products on Prisma (Within Day, Day Ahead, Month, Quarter and Year). 

BBLC will start offering both forward and reverse flow capacity via the Implicit Allocation Mechanism as of 18 July 2019 15:00 PM CEST. To avoid interference with the next Prisma Quarterly auction, physical reverse flow capacity for the period of 01/10/2019 until 01/10/2020 will be available via PleXhub until Friday 13:00 PM CEST. Dependent on the amount of Prisma auction rounds for the abovementioned period, remaining reverse flow capacity for that period will be released again via the Implicit Allocation Mechanism after 5 August. BBLC will announce separately on the date this will be.

More relevant information about the physical reverse flow product can be found on our shippers meeting information slide pack