Maintenance Programme update VIII

As the physical reverse flow project is now approaching the final phase, BBLC wishes to update the market about the expectation on the availability of both physical forward and reverse flow capacity, based on the technical, IT and regulatory aspects.

The physical forward and reverse flow commissioning is currently approaching the final stage. BBLC expects the technical part of the project to be finalized by the beginning of next week. To be able to offer physical reverse flow capacity BBLC also needed to implement several adjustments to the IT systems, this project is also in its final stage.

Dependent on the final developments on both technical and IT aspects, and subject to Ofgem’s final approval of the Interconnection Agreement, BBLC trusts in being able to offer physical reverse flow capacity for the first time by the mid end of next week.

BBLC will provide more information on the exact start date of the reverse flow capacity products offered via Prisma and Implicit Allocations as soon as possible, as well as the expected availability of forward flow capacity.