Maintenance Programme update IV

The planned maintenance activities combined with physical reverse flow construction works and commissioning are progressing well. The maintenance and construction activities on the Dutch site are finished and the commissioning activities have been started. On the UK site the construction team faces a three days delay. Therefore BBLC expects that the forward flow commissioning will be ready on 26 June 2019 and reverse flow commissioning on 30 June 2019. Therefore BBLC still aims to be ready for the Reverse Flow operations on July 1st.

As certain regulatory topics with regards to reverse flow capacity are not finalized in time for the upcoming July Monthly auction, BBLC will only offer forward flow capacity on the Prisma platform on 17 June 2019. Depending on the outcome of these regulatory discussions BBLC aims to offer reverse flow capacity via the implicit allocation mechanism and Prisma as soon as possible.