Interruptible Reverse Flow services completely sold at quarterly auction

The IRF capacity for Q2 of 2011 has been completely sold. All 36 tranches of 30.000 kWh were sold in the auction that started Tuesday of last week and ended Tuesday 1st March 12:00 hrs. At this auction IRF capacity was offered for the months April/May/June 2011.

IRF capacity is sold at daily, monthly and quarterly auctions. The monthly capacity for March 2011 that was offered earlier has also been sold completely. BBL Company is also pleased to note that the quantity of sold capacity at the daily auctions for March is substantially higher than in previous months.

The IRF service allows shippers to nominate gas flows from the United Kingdom to The Netherlands on an interruptible basis. This is not a physical gas flow but an "administrative" gas flow which is effected by deducting the capacity booked from the United Kingdom to The Netherlands from the physical gas flow from The Netherlands to the United Kingdom. BBL Company has been offering IRF capacity since the end of last year. The capacity for the last quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011 was also sold out.

To find a detailed overview of sold capacity and auction data for 2011 please click here.