Gerard van Pijkeren appointed successor to Willem Faber as Managing Director BBL Company


Gerard van Pijkeren has been appointed Managing Director at BBL Company as of 12 June 2013. He is the successor of Willem Faber, who became Director of the Projects department of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie.

Gerard van Pijkeren is currently Director at Vertogas, a Gasunie subsidiary. Vertogas is the Dutch green gas certification institute which ensures that producers can sell their gas to traders and users as certified green gas. In this way, the locally-produced biogas that is injected into the natural gas grid is transformed into a sustainable product that can be traded (inter)nationally.


  • BBL Company
  • P.O. Box 225
  • 9700 AE Groningen
  • The Netherlands
  • Concourslaan 17

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