Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) and BBL Company have decided to retain the BBL integration into the TTF market area

The BBL pipeline between the UK and The Netherlands has been integrated into the TTF market area since January 2018 after receiving approval from Ofgem and ACM. As a consequence of this market integration shippers only need to book capacities at a single Interconnection Point between the Netherlands and the UK at Bacton and, as a result, are now not obliged to book at the former commercial Interconnection Point Julianadorp.

During 2018 the effects of this market integration were discussed within the Dutch gas sector, since not all market parties agreed on the financial consequences related to this market integration. At the end of 2018 GTS, BBL Company, ACM and several representative organizations reached a sector wide agreement that this market integration could continue in combination with a financial compensation from BBL Company to GTS.

BBL Company and GTS have evaluated this market integration and have decided to keep the BBL integration into the TTF market area. This decision by BBL Company is based on the clear expectation that an appropriate financial package with its shippers will be concluded soon.