E.On Ruhrgas and Fluxys join dutch Gasunie in BBL Company

Press release

E.ON Ruhrgas (Germany) and Fluxys (Belgium) have decided to join the BBL Company which is about to be created. The company will build, own and operate a 235 kilometre pipeline that will link Balgzand on the Dutch North Sea coast north of Amsterdam with the UK shore at Bacton (Norfolk). The BBL requires an investment of around 500 million euros and will be completed in 2006.

The three companies establish the BBL Company through legally separate subsidiaries. Gasunie's subsidiary company will hold a 60 per cent stake, whereas the subsidiaries of E.ON Ruhrgas and Fluxys will each hold 20 per cent.

Construction will start in the second half of this year. The pipeline will have a diameter of 36 inches and will require the building of a compressor station at its Dutch entry point, a short section of onshore pipeline and the crossing of a coastal area in the Netherlands , 230 kilometres of offshore pipeline across the North Sea, and landfall and receiving facilities in Bacton, a gathering point for several offshore pipelines.
In addition, Gasunie is committed to ensure adequate access of gas supplies to the Dutch point of the BBL.