Energy management programme and footprint reduction initiative

Because our own energy consumption is an important component in the pricing of our transport products, BBL Company started an energy management programme in 2015, in line with ISO 50001. Within this programme, BBL Company also wants to reduce its own footprint. The first steps have already been taken. BBL Company is expecting  their energy management process to qualify for ISO 50001 in 2016.

Energy management programme ISO 50001: increasing compressor efficiency

Because the market is changing, the deployment of BBL Company’s assets is also changing. Long-term contracts are in the main being replaced by short-term contracts. The import requirements of the United Kingdom will increase over the coming years, while the export position of the Netherlands is also changing. These effects will be visible in the flow patterns of BBL Company. For that reason, BBL Company has examined whether it is possible to make its compressors, especially in the lower flow range, run even more efficiently. This project has recently been completed and our compressors are operating in a more efficient mode.

Footprint reduction: placing 77 solar panels

The combination of energy-saving measures and the use of renewable energy is a good way to reduce our footprint. In this connection BBL company is working towards achieving a situation that, when our compressor station in Anna Paulowna is operating in standby mode, the energy needed is fully supplied by own solar panels. As a start, 77 solar panels have been installed at the  Anna Paulowna compressor station. With these panels, the BBL offices at the station are supplied with sufficient power so that our staff can work “footprint-free”. Taking the potential energy saving ideas into account, four to five hundred solar panels will eventually be necessary to run the compressor station in standby mode.