Decision to expand BBL forward capacity held up

BBL Company is involved in discussions with authorities on a satisfactory regulatory arrangement for the expansion of BBL pipeline capacity by installing a 4th compressor at Anna Paulowna. Although good progress is being made, BBL Company shareholders are not yet in a position to take a positive investment decision. Therefore, BBL Company, Gas Transport Services and shippers have reached an agreement on a limited extension of the deadline in order to meet the minimum requirements needed to enable a positive investment decision by BBL Company, that will increase interconnection capacity between the Netherlands and the UK. In order to be able to take the final decision BBL Company needs within the next few days full understanding of the regulatory arrangements.

At the Flame conference on 4 March 2008 BBL Company made public that, as a result of the Open Season, four shippers had signed a Booking Agreement for contracting firm forward flow capacity under the proposed BBL expansion project. Since not all capacity offered in the Open Season has been contracted, there is still capacity on offer (subject to final project go-ahead).