Daylight saving time gas day October 27th 2018

On gas day October 27th 2018 there will be a switch from summer time to winter time. This means that this gas day will have 25 hours. To avoid any problems which may occur, please be aware of the following:

  • BBL expects nominations according the EDIGAS protocol. This means that a nomination for this gas day (October 27th) consists of 25 hours in which, translated to UTC, the nomination for that day begins at 04:00 UTC (6.00 LET) and ends at 05:00 UTC (also 6.00 LET). When using ENOM with appropriate settings, this feature is facilitated when nominating for this gas day. When not using ENOM, please make sure that EDIGAS messages will have this timeframe.
  • Whenever possible, avoid sending in nominations in the period between 01:00 LET and 04:00 LET.
  • We expect a nomination of 25 hours. Normally the daily amount will increase with the same factor, so 25/24 part will be delivered, hourly quantities will stay the same. But this last part depends on the delivery agreement between shippers. When the agreement shows that the daily amount must stay the same, the hourly quantities need to be decreased. Shipper has to take care of this issue himself.