BBL tariffs for the gas year 2018/19 remain the same

BBLC’s  tariff level for the gas year 2017/18 is € 0,78/MWh for all capacity products. This tariff level for Forward Flow products will remain the same also for the gas year 2018/19.

The reserve price for our annual products in the yearly auction on the 2nd July 2018 will be € 6,917 kWh/h/y for all years to be auctioned.

BBLC constantly reviews the competitive position of its tariffs. In the past the BBL tariffs have been adjusted steps- wise what has resulted in a tariff level that stays flat throughout the year, independent of the type of product (Y,Q,M,DA, WD).

While the “competitive forces” factor in our current charging methodology enables BBLC to adjust the tariffs for each capacity product in order to reflect changes in competitive market circumstances, the presented tariffs provide the upper limit for the tariffs in 18/19.

Commodity charge 2019 and sustainable ambitions

Since our own energy consumption is an important component in the pricing of our transport products, BBL Company started an energy management program in 2015, in line with ISO 50001. As a result of this initiative BBL operates its  compressors especially in the lower flow range in a more efficient mode. As a consequence BBLC is able to keep its commodity charge on the current level of € 0,109/MWh (=0,28p/therm) also for the calendar year 2019.

The electricity purchased by BBL is sustainable. BBL’s ambition for the year 2020 is to have 100% of its electricity from European Wind. BBLC increases the percentage of sustainable sources by 20% each year; for the year 2018 the proportion is 60%.