BBL Interruptible Reverse Flow Service

BBL Company intends to launch its new Interruptible Reverse Flow (IRF) service from 1 October 2010. With this service it will be possible for shippers to book IRF capacity from the UK to the Netherlands. This service will be offered by means of auctions as approved by regulatory authorities. A short description of the main characteristics can be found in this document.

The IRF service will be available in quarterly, monthly and daily products. As a result of introducing a more efficient auction process than originally conceived a lower subscription fee will be applicable than mentioned in above document. The first IRF product to be auctioned will be for Q4 2010 and the auction opens on 26 August 2010.

In order to enable IRF-shippers to prepare themselves for the introduction of this IRF service BBL Company is convening a clarification meeting on Monday 16 August 2010 between 13:00 and 15:00 hrs at Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

BBL Company therefore kindly invites shippers who are interested in attending this meeting to indicate their interest by sending an e-mail to, not later than Wednesday 11 August at 12:00 PM, indicating the company name and the names of those attending.

Participants at this meeting will receive a set of draft documents which describe the terms and conditions of the IRF service. Following the meeting the final documents will be published on BBL's website together with the manual for participating in the auctions.