BBL expansion project gets final project go-ahead

Press release

BBL Company received confirmation from its open season shippers that Gas Transport Services will proceed with the expansion of the Dutch grid necessary to accommodate the BBL expansion project. This means that all necessary conditions have now been fulfilled for a go-ahead of the BBL expansion project.

The expansion of transmission capacity will be realized by installing a fourth compressor at the compressor station at Anna Paulowna in the Netherlands. On top of the already existing 17 million kWh/h, the fourth compressor will create around 3,6 million kWh/h of extra firm forward flow capacity which will become available as from December 1st 2010.

As not all firm forward flow capacity has been contracted yet there is still firm forward flow capacity available. This capacity is offered to the market on a first come first, first served basis. Interested parties can book this capacity in yearly terms and later on when still available, subject to certain time restrictions, on a monthly and daily basis.

Since December 1st 2007 BBL Company offers interruptible forward flow capacity. Subject to regulatory approval, BBL Company also offers interruptible (non-physical) reverse flow capacity to the market which is available from September 1st 2008 onwards. Both types of interruptible capacity are offered on a monthly and daily basis with a maximum duration of one year.

More information about available capacities and BBL services, including the terms and conditions for the services and the time restrictions, is available on our website

For more information please contact Mrs Desirée Dijkstra (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie) at