BBL Company receives approval to introduce Interruptible Reverse Flow services (IRF)


BBL Company has received approval for the tariff methodology to be applied to its IRF services.

Earlier this year BBL Company undertook a formal market consultation on its revised proposal for the tariff methodology to be applied to its IRF services. Following consideration of the responses received BBL Company submitted a report to the relevant authorities containing the final proposal for the tariff methodology for non-physical IRF services. This proposal has now been agreed by the Dutch and UK regulatory authorities.

Following discussions with the appropriate regulatory authorities and as a result of the responses received from market parties to the informal market consultation held at the beginning of this year BBL Company decided, specifically for IRF services, to offer these services by auction.

Please refer to the document below for an outline of the approved methodology. During the coming months BBL Company will finalise the commercial arrangement needed to implement the methodology.

BBL Company intends to introduce the proposed IRF services later this year.


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