BBL Company offers interruptible forward flow capacity as from December 1st 2007

As from December 1st 2007, BBL Company will be offering interruptible forward flow capacity. Interested parties can send their booking requests to BBL Company. The exact procedure is described below.

The interruptible forward flow capacity will be sold on a first come first served basis. As this service is now introduced, a mechanism is necessary to guarantee a fair start of the first come first served principle. Therefore BBL Company starts with a subscription period. A notary draw will determine the order of the interested parties and consequently the order (and timestamp) in which the booking requests of the parties will be handled. In case of an interruption, this timestamp determines the order of the interrupted parties.

During the subscription period, capacity can be requested by completing and signing the “BBL transmission agreement interruptible forward flow” below (transmission agreement), which also contains the applicable tariff. In this subscription period it is only possible to book monthly contracts. Interested parties should fax this transmission agreement before Friday 23 November 2007 12:00 hours (LET) to BBL Company: +31 50 521 35 45 for the attention of Commercial Operations. BBL Company advises parties to confirm this through an email or a telephone call.

On Friday 23 November at the latest BBL Company will inform all parties that have sent booking requests about the outcome of the notary procedure, including the amount of capacity awarded to parties with a higher priority in the notary draw. Any party that is not first picked in the notary draw will have the possibility to withdraw its booking request. If a booking request has been confirmed, BBL Company will countersign the transmission agreement and return a copy per mail.

After the notary draw, interruptible forward flow capacity will be available on a first come first served basis. A protocol regarding how BBL Company handles booking requests after the subscription period will be published on this website. BBL Company will also publish the sold interruptible forward flow capacity. Daily interruptible forward flow capacity will also be available as of December 1st 2007, but can only be contracted in the period from the seventh business day up to the second business day (12:00 hours LET) before the start date of the contract.

In general the following conditions always apply. With the transmission agreement, it is only possible to request for flat bookings. Any party that wishes to request for a profiled booking, should divide this profile over several transmission agreements and send them all to BBL Company. There is no specific limit on the amount of interruptible forward flow capacity offered. Interruptible forward flow capacity can be contracted to a maximum of twelve months upfront.

For interruptible forward flow capacity bookings in the BBL pipeline, the General Terms and Conditions Forward Flow 2008-1 are applicable, including Exhibits A and B. Any party that sends a signed transmission agreement to BBL Company unconditionally accepts these conditions and can not start using its capacity until it has met the conditions to become a BBL-Shipper, notably the conditions on creditworthiness and communication. The conditions to become a BBL-Shipper are defined in article 3 of the General Terms and Conditions Forward Flow 2008-1. All the abovementioned documents are available on this website.

Please contact our Commercial Operations Department in case you have any further questions:
Arjan Leeuwerke (+31 50 521 3212 or
Margreet Zant (+31 50 521 1037 or