BBL Company offers daily contracts

As from 19 April 2007, BBL Company makes available daily transmission capacity to the market. This new service provides BBL-Shippers the possibility of booking daily capacity.

A party needs to be acknowledged as BBL-Shipper in order to use the services offered by BBL Company. The procedure is explained in the document Become a BBL-shipper. BBL Company advises any party who is considering to use the BBL services to submit a “Declaration of Acceptance” well in advance. The procedure to become a BBL-shipper takes at least 10 business days.

Interested parties are advised to read the following documents, all published on our website:

  • “Become a BBL-shipper”
  • “Declaration of acceptance”
  • "General Terms and Conditions” (GTC), inclusive exhibits
  • “BBL Transmission Agreement for Daily Capacity 2007-1” (Agreement)

Procedure for daily contracts (after having obtained the status of BBL-Shipper)

  • Daily capacity is to be contracted in the period from the seventh business day up to 12.00 hours on the second business day before the contracted gas day.
  • BBL Company considers a request for daily capacity valid on receipt of a faxed contract within the abovementioned period.
  • BBL Company treats capacity requests on a first come first served basis. The time stamp is determined by the receipt of the fax.
  • When BBL Company has capacity available and all requirements are fulfilled, BBL Company will return a fully completed and signed copy of the Agreement.

BBL Company
BBL Company is a joint venture between E.ON-Ruhrgas (D), Fluxys (B) and N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (NL) and operates a 235 km long 36" high pressure gas pipeline from the Netherlands (Balgzand) to the UK (Bacton). The BBL enables additional import of gas from Europe to the UK, to increase security of energy supply.

For more information about the services offered by BBL Company call: Arjan Leeuwerke (+31 50 521 3212, email: or Hans Boersma (+31 50 521 3541, email:

For more information about BBL Company, see our website or contact Hansch van der Velden (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie), tel. +31 50 521 2160 or email