BBL Company makes progress on capacity expansion

In May 2007 BBL Company started an Open Season to investigate the interest in capacity expansion in the BBL pipeline. Eighteen parties expressed their interest to participate in the process. All eighteen parties received the open season documents containing information on the tariff and conditions for access to the pipeline. At the Flame conference on 4 March 2008 BBL Company made public that, as a result of the Open Season, four shippers had signed a Booking Agreement for contracting firm forward flow capacity. As not all capacity offered in the open season has been contracted there is still capacity on offer (subject to final project go-ahead).

The commitments by these shippers resulted in a positive business case for the expansion project subject to achieving a satisfactory regulatory arrangement by the 1st of April 2008. The extra capacity will be made available by adding a 4th compressor at the compressor station at Anna Paulowna in The Netherlands.

The terms and conditions for firm forward transport capacity offered by BBL Company – with a minimum term of twelve months and a maximum term of 240 months - are described in the Transmission Agreement Forward Flow 2008-2 and the General Terms and Conditions Forward Flow 2008-2.