BBL Company lowers the reserve prices of forward flow capacity by up to 30%

BBL Company will lower the reserve prices for all forward flow capacity products auctioned on the Prisma platform from December 2016. This will be achieved by reducing elements of the charging methodology including changing the seasonal factor from 1.2 in the winter period to a consistent 1 for every month of the gas year.

The resultant changes mean that tariffs will be reduced by close to 30% compared to previous winter months and over 16% compared to previous summer months.

BBL Company believes there will be an increasing demand for gas transportation to the United Kingdom. The UK will likely become more reliant on pipeline imports this winter due to lower seasonal storage availability and less LNG arrivals into Britain which have dropped sharply since the start of the new gas year.

With the new reserve prices for all forward flow capacity products BBL Company aims to offer an attractive capacity product for shippers who are interested in transport capacity to the UK.

As of 1st December 2016 a large part of the technical capacity of the BBL-interconnector will become available. BBL Company is aiming to make the BBL a more attractive transport route for gas transportation from TTF to NBP. As indicated this will be achieved by reducing substantially the reserve prices for our capacity products at our entry IP Julianadorp and exit IP Bacton. BBL company believes spreads will remain high throughout the coming winter and the tariff reductions are expected to lead to additional sales of BBL capacity.