BBL Company launches consultation on non physical interruptible reverse flow

BBL Company has developed a new proposal for the charging methodology of its non physical interruptible reverse flow (IRF) services. BBL Company intends to introduce these services after approval of the methodology by the regulatory authorities. The introduction is expected at the beginning of this fall; the exact date will be published later this summer.

BBL Company’s proposed new charging methodology for IRF is market-based, with a basket of equivalent products as the reference material, and with IUK as a prime comparator. The methodology is objective, transparent and will be applied in a non-discriminatory manner.
BBL Company would like to ensure that all persons who may have a direct interest in the charging methodology are consulted and therefore launched a market consultation before submitting the final proposal to the authorities. The consultation allows interested parties a period of no less than 28 days within which to make written representations.

BBL Company has published a consultation document on its website on 18 May 2009 and is asking for responses by 15 June 2009 at the latest. The consultation document, including supporting documents, can be downloaded from the website.
Following the consultation BBL Company will agree with Dutch and UK regulatory authorities on the necessary arrangements to be able to offer the service to the market directly following the approval procedure.