BBL Company conducts successful drilling operation in dune area

Press release

This morning BBL Company conducted a successful drilling operation under the North Holland dunes. Employing the technically complex Horizontal Directional Drilling, a hole was drilled under the dunes through which a pipeline was fed. BBL Company used this particular technique in order to keep the impact on the dune area as minimal as possible. This third drilling operation was successful and the 500-metre long pipeline was fed through the hole at the first attempt at a speed of approximately 150 metres an hour. The pipeline, which runs under the dunes, is a section of the 235-kilometre long BBL pipeline (Balgzand Bacton Leiding).

BBL Company is a joint venture between E.ON Ruhrgas Transport, Fluxys and the N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie. It is constructing a 235-km long 36" high pressure gas pipeline from the Netherlands (Balgzand) to the UK (Bacton). The gas will flow from the Netherlands to the UK. In December 2006, BBL Company will start its first commercial operation with two gas compressors. In March 2007, three gas compressors will be available which will be able to deliver a designed capacity of 1.75 million m3/hr.

For more information about the dune crossing you can contact Hansch van der Velden (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie), or Desirée Dijkstra (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie),