BBL capacity and flow information now available on website

In 2008 BBL Company joined the Transmission Transparency Project of the Gas Regional Initiative North-West, which is a part of the Gas Regional Initiatives that were launched in 2006 by the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG). The aim of the Transparency Project is to have the participating Transmission System Operators publish information on transmission capacities and gas flows in their networks, on a voluntary basis. This information contributes to the overall aim of facilitating the development of a regional gas market.

On May 12th 2009, BBL Company has launched a new release of its website. This release contains, amongst others, the information fulfilling the requirements of phase 1 of the Transparency Project. It comprises:

  • Current gas flows at Bacton;
  • Historic gas flow database since the start of commercial gas flows at December 1st 2006;
  • Available firm forward capacity;
  • Sold interruptible forward capacity;
  • Interruptions.

BBL Company intends to participate in the next phases of the Transparency Project and wants to contribute maximally to the functioning of a truly regional gas market.

Please click here to view the information