All capacity sold in IRF auction for October 2010

BBL Company’s auction for monthly interruptible reverse flow (IRF) capacity for October 2010 has closed. In this auction all 62 available tranches of 30,000 kWh/h have been sold. In the quarterly auction of Q4 2010, 10 tranches had already been sold.
In the upcoming weeks the daily auctions will start. Every Monday capacity will be auctioned for the gas days of the next week. The first daily auction will take place on September 27th.

Background information on BBL IRF capacity
To make BBL Company’s IRF product work, shippers need to ensure that NNO obligations are taken care of at both ends of the BBL pipeline. At the Dutch end shippers need to book entry capacity. At the UK end shippers need to conclude a Connected System Exit Point (CSEP) ancillary agreement with National Grid and develop and enter into an agency agreement with an exit agent responsible for the allocation process. The agreement has to be approved by Ofgem. BBL Company would like to emphasize that at this moment the exit agent has not yet been created.
The IRF service is available in quarterly, monthly and daily products. To be able to contract IRF by auction, shippers need to accept the General Terms and Conditions IRF, which are published on the BBL website, by signing the Declaration of Acceptance. All details on the auction procedure are laid down in Exhibit C.