Compliance & Code of Conduct


BBL has implemented a Compliance Protocol in order to meet the guidelines as set forth by the Internal Exclusion Policy. The Internal Exclusion Policy is a result of the requirements set by the European Commission and the regulators. It addresses possible conflicts of interest related to the marketing of the non-exempt capacity. The Internal Exclusion Policy sets forth procedures that address the identification and management of these potential conflicts of interest by exclusion of any conflicted partner.

Code of Conduct

Trust and transparency are crucial to the success of BBL Company and are in the interest of all our stakeholders. To secure this trust, our Code of Conduct guides staff in their work.
Personal health, safety and environmental preservation, for example, are very important to us. We also strive to be an inclusive employer and forbid any form of discrimination.
We also feel strongly about working in a fair and transparent way. We do not make political donations, nor do we offer or receive gifts or donations. Naturally, we behave with integrity and in full compliance with EU, Dutch and UK laws and regulations.