The BBL has been laid from Bacton to the Netherlands in 2006. The pipe has a diameter of 36" (90 centimetres) and the overall length of the offshore pipeline is some 230 kilometres. The capacity is around 42 million cubic metres of gas a day. The pipeline has been welded at sea onboard the Castoro Sei of Saipem and lowered into position on the sea bed. With this method it was possible to install in average three kilometres a day. The maximum lay rate was 4.9 km per day. The route has been chosen in order to minimise potential problems caused by sandbanks.

A facility (known as a 'cofferdam') was built on either side of the offshore pipeline to safely connect the pipeline with the onshore section. The pipeline crosses existing pipelines and nine telecommunication cables. In Bacton the pipeline went via the cofferdam to the special tunnel and then to an existing gas terminal. The cofferdams have been removed after the construction of the pipeline. The offshore pipeline in the United Kingdom is about one kilometre in length.

In the Netherlands the pipe has been linked from Julianadorp to a four kilometre onshore pipeline, which ends at the compressor station built in the municipality of Anna Paulowna.

Castoro Sei of Saipem Castoro Sei of Saipem