BBL Company was established on 9 July 2004 in order to design, construct, operate and exploit the BBL pipeline for the transmission of natural gas from Balgzand in the Netherlands to Bacton in the United Kingdom. The approval of the project by partners was based on three long term transmission agreements with GasTerra (the Netherlands), E.ON Ruhrgas (Germany) and Wingas (Germany) for transport of gas from Balgzand to Bacton. After a construction period of just two years transport of gas to the UK started on 1 December 2006.


29 August 2014

On schedule: BBL planned maintenance August 2014

Herewith we would like to inform you that its planned maintenance work BBL Company - from gas day Monday 25 Augustus 2014 up to and including gas day Friday 29 Augustus 2014 - is on schedule and that gas flow will be resumed at 09:00 LET (08:00 BST).

Shippers can nominate again for gas day 30 August 2014, starting from 09:00 LET (08:00 BST).

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation during this maintenance period.
We hope to have informed you sufficiently. In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

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