BBL Company was established on 9 July 2004 in order to design, construct, operate and exploit the BBL pipeline for the transmission of natural gas from Balgzand in the Netherlands to Bacton in the United Kingdom. The approval of the project by partners was based on three long term transmission agreements with GasTerra (the Netherlands), E.ON Ruhrgas (Germany) and Wingas (Germany) for transport of gas from Balgzand to Bacton. After a construction period of just two years transport of gas to the UK started on 1 December 2006.


Groningen, 10 December 2014

Tender for an electricity supplier

Please be invited to participate in the tender for the purchase of electricity for BBL Company (for general information, see this website). This tender will be in joint effort with:

The combined consumption that will be tendered is 400 to 500 GWh.

In the event you wish to participate in this tender, please send an email that expresses your interest before Wednesday, December 31, 2014 to:
Mr. M. Adrichem (Energy purchaser)
Tel. +31 6 3103 7119

Upon receipt of this email, you will receive an invitation via our e-tender system Ariba. After logging in Ariba you will have access to further details of the tender. Please note that all communication for this tender will be in Dutch.

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