BBL Company was established on 9 July 2004 in order to design, construct, operate and exploit the BBL pipeline for the transmission of natural gas from Balgzand in the Netherlands to Bacton in the United Kingdom. The approval of the project by partners was based on three long term transmission agreements with GasTerra (the Netherlands), E.ON Ruhrgas (Germany) and Wingas (Germany) for transport of gas from Balgzand to Bacton. After a construction period of just two years transport of gas to the UK started on 1 December 2006.


Groningen, 21 October 2014

Conversion daylight saving time

On gas day October 25th 2014 there will be a switch from summer time to winter time. Therefore this gas day will have 25 hours. To avoid any problems, please be aware of the following:

  • As we expect nominations according the Edigas protocol, the nomination for gas day October 25th consists of 25 hours. Translated to UTC, the nomination for this gas day begins at 04:00 UTC (06:00 LET) and ends at 05:00 UTC (also 06:00 LET). If you use ENOM with appropriate settings, this feature is facilitated when nominating for this gas day. When not using ENOM, please make sure that Edigas messages will have this timeframe.
  • If possible please try to avoid sending nominations between 01:00 LET and 04:00 LET. Due to possible technical limitations, incoming nominations may be handled differently from the normal process and consequently introduce an extra risk.
  • As the nomination consists of 25 hours, the daily amount will normally increase with the same factor, so 25/24 part will be delivered. If shippers prefer to keep the daily amount at the original level, they need to decrease their hourly quantities.
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